Glassy glass

just a picutre of a building. the best part about taking a picture of a building is the other people that stop and look up like there is something more there – like there is someone ready to jump off of the top of the building or something.


yesterday i was on the bus leaving work and very very tired. there were some university kids on the bus and they were talking about food shopping.
dude 1: “ya, we’re going to safeway to get some food”
dude 2: “dude, you should totally get a costco card. that’s the shit”
dude 3: “do you have a membership?”
dude 2: “ya, its so cool. you go there and buy a 5lb block of cheese and it like lasts you forever. its awesome”.

at which point i laughed out loud. i was trying not to listen, but the conversation reminded me so much of living in residence and those people i knew that could live off of cheese and beer.

i guess there is something to say for progress: at least the kids these days aren’t buying their cheese at the cambie.


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