View from my Living Room

This was the view from the living room of the place where I stayed at the Coral Coast. It was a great little place, but I found out that I got 11 of my DVD’s stolen from my locked room there, so I can’t say that I would recommend it to anyone. What in heaven’s name anyone else would want with “Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter” is beyond me.

My flights from Vancouver went pretty well, pretty uneventful which was nice. Alaskan Air was the carrier to LAX, then I boarded the flight to Fiji. Ten hours overnight to get to Nadi was a bit much – there are only so many times you can watch “Without a Paddle” or “The Cinderella Story”. I got off the plane at 5am and it was already more humid and warm than I had ever experienced in Vancouver. And I was still wearing Canada clothes.

My rickety trip to the place where I was staying was accented by an Auzzie family – they kid was jacked up on kid energy, and the parents were jacked up on redbull. They had just flown from Brazil and had just been to Carnivale and described Carnivale in almost its entirity to me and another girl from Boston who was on the same bus. A few times on the hour long bus ride, it sounded like the bus was going to explode, but I arrived fine.

The next two days in Fiji was my attempt at aclimatizing myself to the beautiful, yet humid, weather. On the Monday, I did a bit of a tour of a Tongan cannibal camp, and then went shopping in Sigatoka. I bought five papayas and five mangoes for $2Fijian (about $1.50 CDN). The next day, I went on my tour around the islands and then the next day I had to head out early to get my flight to Auckland.

When I got to the airport, the person checking my bags said that I needed to show the ticket that I bought for my outward flight from NZ. Problem was that I didn’t ever buy that ticket – I had shown the itinerary when getting my Visa, so I assumed that was all that I needed. So, my flight to NZ left in 1.5 hours, and I needed to go and buy a ticket from Auckland to Sydney to show I was leaving the country. Then the dude behind the counter said something about my bags being overweight – this was the first that I had heard of that at all in my trip. In the end though I guess he felt sorry for me, because he didn’t charge me anything extra, although it should have been an extra $300Fijian.

I arrived in Auckland and immediately I got sick. My transport from the airport to the residence was wonderful – this great kiwi older man who ran the shuttle company. I got to my room in one piece, only to find out that the girl that was renting my room before me a) didn’t clean it and b) skipped out 1 week early, so I was going to be responsible for paying for her rent for that week. I curled up on my bed and didn’t really move, save for getting some ice cubes to eat, for the next two days.

On Friday, I pulled myself together and went to the University to see if I had medical insurance so I could go to the Doctor. And I did. And it was good. And then I went and got groceries – which was a big ordeal because there wasn’t anywhere around my residence to buy groceries.

Saturday, me and a flat mate went to the symphony in the park just down in Auckland Domain, about three minutes walk away from my flat. It was a celebration almost like the symphony of fire, except there was more music, some canons, and everyone was drinking champagne.

This week has been a lot of orientation, figuring out where my classes are in the University. I’ve gotten a bit of free stuff, which is always nice, and it seems that I know where most of my classes are going to be held. Things are picking up from when I first got here.


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