Chinese New Year

They had this crazy festival at Albert Park just by the University – they decorated all the trees and lawns with these lanterns – some traditional-looking, others were of pandas on seesaws and fighting samurai. It was a weird festival as well because the city of Auckland wanted to represent all Asian cultures at the festival, not just Chinese. So at the food court, you could get bubble tea, Indonesian satay, Malaysian stir-fry or a Thai coconut curry. I didn’t mind at all. 100_1129 100_1133 100_1169 033

The last few days has been adjustment time. I’ve figured out the city enough to actually get around on the buses, and to find a mall where I could buy a few new clothes.

I’ve gotten into all of my courses, which are Maori Studies, New Zealand Film, French Cinema and Indigeneity, Migrancy and Media. The classes are a bit different here than at home, where the screenings aren’t included in class time, so my schedule is pretty open (I have solid blocks of class on Monday and Tuesday, then only one tutorial on Wednesday and one on Thursday); but I have to watch at least 4.5 hours of film for my film classes, so I’ll probably be spending the majority of my Wednesday or Thursday in the AV Library. Which isn’t bad. I never did get to see Whale Rider before I got here, turns out that I have to watch it for New Zealand film anyhow, so its a good thing I didn’t spend my own money to rent it earlier!

I’ve found the pub that has the cool bands – it only took a bit of a search on the internet. On Tuesday night I’m going to see Holly Golightly, and on the 29th I’m going to see Moving Units – I was supposed to go see them last November in Vancouver, but I fell ill, so had to skip the show. I’m connected to the internet again (after being connected for four days, then disconnected since Thursday) and I am, once again, loving my WOXY.

We have a few breaks coming up – Easter, then a mid-semester break for a week, then the end of semester break which is four weeks. I think for the mid-semester break I’m going to try to take a bit of a trip around the North Islands to see what I can see. I’d like to get to Wellington to see what it is like there.

I promise I’ll get my camera to some more interesting places this weekend so the pictures are at least entertaining! I’m going to Top of the Pops on Friday, which is some sort of Top 40 showcase TV program. So I’ll get to watch the NZ equivalent of 98 degrees, or something. Yikes.


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