Are You Ready… to Rock?

So tonight my adventure was my first concert in Auckland.

I went to the Kings Arms Pub, which is only a $5.00 cab ride from my house (I had nice shoes on, it was a tinch too far for a walk).

The concert I was going to see was Holly Golightly. I only had one of her albums that I bought in 1999, so I imagined that her sound had changed a little bit. Actually, it hadn’t really – which was a nice surprise. She had a wonderful backing band, complete with an acoustic bass (love) and a drummer/ keyboardist that looked kind of like Nigel from the Young Ones. Well, Nigel without the hippy scowl.

Unfortunately for me, the highlight of the evening came in the form of a Japanese rock trio called the King Brothers. I thought that they sounded a bit like the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and it turns out that JP produced their latest record.

I enjoy bands that perform – that get up on stage and have fun with the stage and the people. These guys were all over the place – on the floor, on the bar, on the amps. The microphone made its way into one of the fine lads mouths for at least a chorus in every song. They had all the traditional rock moves down, and every song (except for the phrase “are you ready for some rock n’ roll?) was in Japanese, but no one seemed to mind. They reminded me of a combination of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the Sex Pistols, And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, the Liars and, for good measure, a tinch of butoh and a Shinya Tsukamoto film. And a crap load of chunky blues and rock. I was sooo happy with them, that I felt that I had gotten my money’s worth at the end of their set. I stuck around for Holly, but the laid back “dude done me wrong” blues just didn’t fuel my fire the same way the King Brothers did. Amazing.

So, it turns out that they are playing again as part of the Orientation thing for my University on Thursday, I think I will have to go. And I think this time I’ll bring my camera (I was kicking myself for not having it with me tonight – turns out they don’t have the same issues with cameras here as they do back home..).


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