My Wallet…

Some of you may know the story of my wallet – I bought it from the dollar store on Davie street for $2.00. The wallet says something about “Ding Ding in the Hahahoho Forest” and then something else about a happiness generator. I was so confused, so I thought I would go to their website to find out more.

I was in for a surprise.

There are three characters in the forest, the Happiness Generator, that would be DingDing, then there is a rabbit with a really big face, and a mutilated goat. I kid you not.

The main site,, is good, but I found these animations through other means, and thought they were priceless…

Ding Ding No. 15, Watermelon!
Ding Ding No. 14, Love!
Ding Ding No. 13, Christmas!
Ding Ding No. 12, Fall!
Ding Ding No. 8, Chocolate!
Ding Ding No. 7, Sweetheart!
Ding Ding No. 6, Urachacha!
Ding Ding No. 5, New Year!
Ding Ding No. 4, Christmas!
Ding Ding No. 3, Tears!
Ding Ding No. 2, Fruit!
Ding Ding No. 1, Arrow!

I have no idea why there isn’t a 9, 10 or 11. I’ll keep looking tho.


3 thoughts on “My Wallet…

  1. The one with the giant white head reminds me of the oaf you dated about 10 years ago…. remember PUD (insert me singing the pud song here)

  2. no, i think you should actually sing the pud song.. send me it as a movie that way I can put it up on the site.. (whadda bout your mystery guy that you dated ten years ago.. ??? the one that you wouldn’t let anyone meet?) 🙂

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