Old Men of the Point

Today was Friday, and it was my day off. So what did I do? I got up at 8:15am, got ready and went to school. I stayed at school until 5pm either reading articles, watching movies or catching up on email. It was a productive day.

I wandered back home and then went to see another film at the Auckland Film Archives in the Central City. The documentary was an “experimental film about the surf history of Auckland”. There was a lot of older footage included in the doco, so at times it was very groovy, but overall it gave an interesting glimpse into a popular New Zealand past-time. The best part of the whole movie, though, were the product placements. Here are these 40+ year old surfer “dudes” trying Listerine Breath Cellophane strips for the first time…they shot the ‘ad’ live within the film, and taped the actual reactions of the guys. One of them even went so far as to sarcastically say “I could see myself including this product in my daily routine”.

On some level watching the doco (not the ads) made me think that I wanted to learn how to surf; but then the main character of the story had a near-death experience, and he was a seasoned surfer. That kind of turned me off the idea of surfing.

On a similar note, on Sunday I’m taking a trip out to Piha to go and sit on a beach for day. I could have signed up for a surfing lesson, but now (especially with just having seen this documentary), I’m really glad I didn’t!

Today I also took some time out to take some pictures of my walk home. I wanted to take more pictures of construction sites, but I felt a little self-conscious because there were quite a few people around. Anyhow, my walk to school is a quick one – 20 minutes maximum one way. I walk over the Grafton Bridge, then past the old cemetary, then down Symonds street, past St. Paul’s church to the University. The Grafton Bridge was built in 1900-something and was the largest free standing concrete bridge in the world for quite a long time. I think it is one of the only bridges, as well, that was built right overtop of a cemetary – there were graves underneath path of the bridge that had to be “moved” to another resting place (ie the bodies had to be exhumed).



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