My Little Piggies!


So today was my trip to Piha. I had a terrible sleep last night, so I almost didn’t go, but I thought, what the heck, I’ll just pack up some stuff, and I’ll just sit on the beach.


The day started off okay, I’m not really sure how I got to the school, I kinda wandered over there in a zombified state (anyone see Shaun of the Dead?).

We get there, and the guy who organizes our tour isn’t there yet. But the guy driving the bus (Little John) came to find us, and we go on the bus.

The first stop on our journey was Victoria Park Market. Why? No idea. Little John figured out we were supposed to be at some place near the wharf, so we drove down there. Turns out we needed to pick up our bbq. At this point most of us in the bus were losing faith in our driver and our tour operator. At which point, Little John turned to us and said “Before you think I’m a puppet, just let you know we are just picking up the BBQ and then we’ll be off”. Puppet, eh?

So, on the road again. Except now, Shaq our tour leader (or Shrek as LJ called him) was in a different car with his girlfriend, so there was no one in the bus to help our driver get out to Piha. And he hadn’t been out there for about 15 years. So for a while we thought we were lost, but it turned out Little John knew where he was, and we got out to Piha.

The waves were really high, but if you look at the pictures (by clicking on my toes) you can see the pics, it looked so much like the West Coast.


At first I didn’t get in, then I decided what the heck, I’ll jump in the water. I was in the water for two hours and it didn’t even feel like 15 minutes. One wave almost took me out to sea with it. Instead it got my hair elastic…and almost my bathing suit.

It was a great day, but the trip would have been better for a Saturday, because now I’m beat and I still have to prepare some food for the upcoming week!


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