Boys Running for the Ball

0239_Scrum! Scrum!

So tonight was my first rugby game – I doubt it will be my last.

We walked down to the pub where the bus was leaving from, had a beer, then loaded on our bus to get to the game. We were worried that we were late, but it turned out that we got some seats just fine. We didn’t really know what the hell was going on in the game anyhow, so it didn’t matter where we sat (in my opinion!).

My friend Tiana was kind enough to get us a hotdog because there was no sausage sizzle, even though they said there was going to be a BBQ. Okay, the preoccupation with sausages here is one thing, but when you put that in an orange (yes orange) casing, and try to pawn it off as an “American Hot Dog” that is just not good. I should have taken a picture of the dog. Gross.

0238_A Better Sense of the Size of the StadiumBut the game was okay. In the first half, the Auckland Blues were trailing by 41 points. The score was 41 to 0. Then in the second half, the Blues scored a whopping 12 points, to at least partially redeem themselves.


2 thoughts on “Boys Running for the Ball

  1. ewwwwi can’t believe i never got around to warning you!i tried it out the first week i was here, and ever since then i’ve been telling people NOT to eat it!gross!

  2. ya, the sausages I can handle, but the hot dogs were not good. I really should have taken a picture. The visual is so difficult to describe. !!

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