And with a shot, it is over

Well, I guess if that was my summer here, it is now officially over. Only a few scant days after we turned back the clock, I guess that autumn has officially arrived.

Last night we had a wicked thunder and rain storm. The rain came down like I remember it doing when I lived in Port Alberni; and I heard on the news tonight that in some places south of us there was a reported 500 strikes of lightning recorded. It made for a bit of a sketchy sleep.

For my trip this weekend, I’m off to Corromandel, then to Raglan, then to Rotorua and Lake Taupo. It looks like its clearing up a bit, but now that its autumn, is that maybe too much to expect?

From today’s NZ Herald
Twister leaves trail of destruction in Bay of Plenty

 25.03.05 12.30pm
Two small tornados have ripped through the Bay of Plenty region, bringing down power lines, uprooting trees and flooding some roads.

A trail of destruction has been left after a twister struck between Kawarau and Te Puke and another between Manawahe and Otakiri.

Police report several roads including state highways around the region are affected.

MetService says the Bay Of Plenty will see more thunderstorms and high winds over the weekend.

Forecaster Eric Brenstrum says one district of Tauranga received a downpour of 70 millimetres of rain in an hour.


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