Unhealthy Obsession with Peeling Paint and Rust

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I have no idea where this obsession has come from, but I absolutely adore anything that has peeling paint or rust on it – well, at least to take a picture of!

Today I went for lunch with a friend, then dropped by her work place – her boss has an old car, where this picture came from – then we wandered off to Murawai for a walk along the beach. Another gorgeous black sand beach and it wasn’t terribly cold.. !


Four Season in One Day

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Well, I’ve heard the song by Crowded House “Four Seasons In One Day” quoted to me many times already to describe the weather in Auckland.

Last night we had a bitch of a storm; I haven’t heard rain like that for years and years – since I was back in the pee dot. And then this morning, it all blows over, and is warm and beautiful – then around 5pm, clouds roll in and start doing their damage – but the sun was just setting so a beautiful rainbow came out… luckily I had my camera on hand..

Real Life

Real Life
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I was SO happy to see a real el camino – there are a bunch of nouveau caminos here, but not many of the old ones trapsing around.

I spent an hour or so today hanging out on K’Road; I LOVE K’ROAD! Its like if Commercial Drive and Davie street where smushed together, and took over one long road that is about the distance from Commercial Drive & Broadway to Main Street & Broadway. There are Turkish Cafes, Indian Fabric Stores, Tattoo Parlours, some Kareoke Bars, really cheap produce, its amazing. And people watching along there is a hoot: although I expected to see all these bizarre freaky people – turned out I actually recognized one fella (hot guy from Kings Arms) and met up by fluke with Jodie (<==look I mentioned yer name, lol).

So, today is the day I tie up loose ends. Horoscope says that things are moving on.. thank crap.

Drop it like its hot..

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I was walking home from Newmarket one day and saw this torched hippy van sitting just at the corner of Park road and some other road I don’t know the name of. The neighbourhood is pretty nice, beautiful old houses around and some nice cars. This was a little out of place..

It was kind of like how I felt at last night’s show at the Kings Arms Tavern. The bands playing were Tadpole, Bruttaly Frank and (another band I can’t remember the name of). All the bands were great – Bruttaly Frank though was metal.. no Metal with a capital “M”. I haven’t seen headbangers like that for about 15 years, or since I was in grade 9. They had the devil-signs, the mosh pit, the spikey bracelets, the long hair, the Pantera tees.. everything. With that being said, the music was really quite good; and the band’s lyrics were politically motivated at times too.

Other than that, it was a good night.. met with new friends, had a few shots of Tequila, then we decided it was too $$ to drink there, so another friend brought in a bottle of vodka for us to drink. But we had no mixer, so we drank it with water. It was soooo first year of University, it brought back memories of ole Silent Sam. Which is probably why didn’t end up drinking the stuff at all..

Oh, my neighbourhood.

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Tonight was rugby night, went to SPE had some beers, ended up outside chatting with the girls about upcoming projects. It was fun, until a bizarro dude came up and interrupted our conversation. Jodie (Jodie, Jodie) nick-named him No-Chin, well, because dude had no chin.

Then, we ended up having to leave b/c dude wouldn’t leave us alone, and I ran into my building manager on the bridge. Went with him to the Wine Cellar, had some great wine, watched a really great band (the Septembers) and marvelled at the beautiful exposed brick walls and the old windows that let no light in.

Got home in one piece, a little drunk, but okay.

The Wrath of the Tim Tam

The Wrath of the Tim Tam
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My week this week has been busy; Tuesday evening after my four day trip I went to see Moving Units at the Kings Arms Tavern; Wednesday I had classes and then went to a jam session out in New Lynn, then Thursday I spent a day getting my stuff together. On Thursday I went grocery shopping and bought some Tim Tams.

I thought, hmm, I bet these would taste great if they were cold. So I froze the Tim Tams. I had one – tasted pretty good. I had the second – the second bite of the second tim tam and I felt something very very crunchy in my mouth. Funny tasting nut, I thought. Then I remembered that Tim Tams don’t have nuts; and thus found my filling embedded amongst the cookie, chocolate and caramel.

My friends warned me – Mills said “Don’t give her the Tim Tams!” on the bus when we were on our trip. I guess Mills has psychic powers…

No worries – Friday I spent it at the Dentist’s. Only $170 to repair the tooth.

Day Four: Drive from Rotorua, to Huka Falls & Taupo

Huka Falls
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So our day four was mostly driving, we drove from Rotorua to Huka Falls, then jumped out took some photos, then jumped on the bus, drove to Taupo, jumped out, took a picture of the lake, jumped back into the bus, then jumped out for our Express Bus and then jumped back into the Express bus and headed to Auckland.

It was a little sad to leave our little group (although our little group got a bit bigger by the time that we got to Rotorua – we picked up about 11 extras..).

Day Three: Rotorua

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We finally got into town and settled into our hostel – gee only 10 people to a room! We heard rumours of couples getting kind of frisky after the bar, so I was braced for the worst.

We wandered a bit around the free thermal park – it was evening so the sunlight was great for taking pictures. Unfortunately, the smell from the thermal spots was pretty nasty, so we didn’t walk for long.

In the evening a wonderful Maori guy named Solly took us around to all the locations in Rotorua and gave us a tour and explanation of all the sites with the Maori history as well as some of the European history. It was so wonderful to hear a bit more depth to the stories, because you know damn well that the Europeans didn’t just wander over and shake hands to set-up camp on the Maori lands.

We then went back and had a dinner that was prepared for us, and Solly taught us about some of the traditional Maori fighting styles, he taught us about Maori tattoos and then we also learned how to do the haka. Solly made the guys on our trip do the haka for us; I have a great video of all the honkies attempting the haka..I wonder if blckmail should be my new career of choice?? šŸ™‚

Day Three: Drive from Raglan, Waitomo and Rotorua

View out the Cave
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So the drive was fine, another couple of hours and we ended up at Waitomo. Most of the folks were going black water rafting, I chose the cheaper, easier, non-eXtreme adventure. We travelled into the country-side and got to see “glow-worms” (fungus gnat maggots) and the limestone formations in the caves. This was the first day of our trip when it really really rained.. we were lucky the rain held off until we were off the beaches!

Day Two: Hostel at Raglan

View from the Hostel
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So this was the view from our hostel in the hills in Raglan. I would have had some other interesting photos of the beach, but decided to leave my camera behind because I didn’t want it to get stolen.

So, not being a terribly “eXtreme” person, I decided not to go surfing. I think this was a good decision, considering we got to the hostel at 1pm and the surfers didn’t get on the beach until 4:30pm or so…
however, we did want to go to the beach.

The “swimmers” were supposed to meet those getting the surf lessons, so we could all drive down to the beach together. One of the fellas that runs the hostel asked us if we wanted to drive one of the surf vans because there were going to be too many surfers and swimmers going. We waited and waited for the surfers to come out of their dry-land lesson, but we got impatient. So myself, Sherri, Wendy, a couple from the UK and a couple of Kiwi girls hopped in a van, got the keys from the reception desk and headed off. Sherri is from the US, but drove beautifully on the right side of the road.

The only problem we ran into was at the turn-off for the main beach (?? not sure of the name). The Kiwi girls were supposed to let us know, but were engulfed in their own conversation. We figured it out, and had to make a quick left-hand turn and I guess freaked out the guy behind us. He honked and we went on our merry way.

We twist our way along the driveway to get to the carpark, park the car and hop out. This big Maori guy is standing against his car and asked “Are you the driver?”.. and we were like “Crap! They’ve reported their van stolen!”. Turns out that he was just real pissed that we made a short turn and didn’t indicate. I think he was getting ready for a fight, but when seven girls hopped out of the van, he didn’t pursue it any further. The girls that he was with were kind of chuckling; I’m not sure if it was because their friend was acting ballsy or if it was because we weren’t quite what he was expecting!

We stayed a while at the beach, beautiful beautiful men there. Wow. Then we wandered back home, had some food and headed to bed early. Our driver was keeping us on task, so we had to be up and on the bus at 8am.

Day Two: Hahei & the Plague of the American Hotdog

0249_Sunrise 2, Hahei

So I had a horrid sleep in the hostel that we were in. For once in my life I actually got up at 5:30am and went for a walk. I’m so glad I did: I saw the most beautiful sunrise – the pictureĀ above is just one of the series of 10 that I took and all the pics turned out great.

From hahei we went to try and get some groceries and booze; unfortunately for us it was Easter Sunday. We managed to find a bakery and a fruit & veggie stand to get someĀ vittles. I decided to get a sandwich, a sausage roll and some veggies from the other store.

I get on the bus and I take a bite of my sausage roll… AMERICAN F’IN HOTDOG… AAAA! The second time I was TRICKED into eating that shite.

Later on in the bus ride, a friend offered me a “Tim-Tam”, a chocolate covered biscuit with caramel in the middle.. it was wonderful. But I was warned about the powers of the tim-tam. More about that with my updates for this week.

0253_Almost Full Moon