Day Three: Rotorua

Originally uploaded by scrunt.

We finally got into town and settled into our hostel – gee only 10 people to a room! We heard rumours of couples getting kind of frisky after the bar, so I was braced for the worst.

We wandered a bit around the free thermal park – it was evening so the sunlight was great for taking pictures. Unfortunately, the smell from the thermal spots was pretty nasty, so we didn’t walk for long.

In the evening a wonderful Maori guy named Solly took us around to all the locations in Rotorua and gave us a tour and explanation of all the sites with the Maori history as well as some of the European history. It was so wonderful to hear a bit more depth to the stories, because you know damn well that the Europeans didn’t just wander over and shake hands to set-up camp on the Maori lands.

We then went back and had a dinner that was prepared for us, and Solly taught us about some of the traditional Maori fighting styles, he taught us about Maori tattoos and then we also learned how to do the haka. Solly made the guys on our trip do the haka for us; I have a great video of all the honkies attempting the haka..I wonder if blckmail should be my new career of choice?? šŸ™‚


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