Day Two: Hahei & the Plague of the American Hotdog

0249_Sunrise 2, Hahei

So I had a horrid sleep in the hostel that we were in. For once in my life I actually got up at 5:30am and went for a walk. I’m so glad I did: I saw the most beautiful sunrise – the picture above is just one of the series of 10 that I took and all the pics turned out great.

From hahei we went to try and get some groceries and booze; unfortunately for us it was Easter Sunday. We managed to find a bakery and a fruit & veggie stand to get some vittles. I decided to get a sandwich, a sausage roll and some veggies from the other store.

I get on the bus and I take a bite of my sausage roll… AMERICAN F’IN HOTDOG… AAAA! The second time I was TRICKED into eating that shite.

Later on in the bus ride, a friend offered me a “Tim-Tam”, a chocolate covered biscuit with caramel in the middle.. it was wonderful. But I was warned about the powers of the tim-tam. More about that with my updates for this week.

0253_Almost Full Moon


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