Day Two: Hostel at Raglan

View from the Hostel
Originally uploaded by scrunt.

So this was the view from our hostel in the hills in Raglan. I would have had some other interesting photos of the beach, but decided to leave my camera behind because I didn’t want it to get stolen.

So, not being a terribly “eXtreme” person, I decided not to go surfing. I think this was a good decision, considering we got to the hostel at 1pm and the surfers didn’t get on the beach until 4:30pm or so…
however, we did want to go to the beach.

The “swimmers” were supposed to meet those getting the surf lessons, so we could all drive down to the beach together. One of the fellas that runs the hostel asked us if we wanted to drive one of the surf vans because there were going to be too many surfers and swimmers going. We waited and waited for the surfers to come out of their dry-land lesson, but we got impatient. So myself, Sherri, Wendy, a couple from the UK and a couple of Kiwi girls hopped in a van, got the keys from the reception desk and headed off. Sherri is from the US, but drove beautifully on the right side of the road.

The only problem we ran into was at the turn-off for the main beach (?? not sure of the name). The Kiwi girls were supposed to let us know, but were engulfed in their own conversation. We figured it out, and had to make a quick left-hand turn and I guess freaked out the guy behind us. He honked and we went on our merry way.

We twist our way along the driveway to get to the carpark, park the car and hop out. This big Maori guy is standing against his car and asked “Are you the driver?”.. and we were like “Crap! They’ve reported their van stolen!”. Turns out that he was just real pissed that we made a short turn and didn’t indicate. I think he was getting ready for a fight, but when seven girls hopped out of the van, he didn’t pursue it any further. The girls that he was with were kind of chuckling; I’m not sure if it was because their friend was acting ballsy or if it was because we weren’t quite what he was expecting!

We stayed a while at the beach, beautiful beautiful men there. Wow. Then we wandered back home, had some food and headed to bed early. Our driver was keeping us on task, so we had to be up and on the bus at 8am.


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