The Wrath of the Tim Tam

The Wrath of the Tim Tam
Originally uploaded by scrunt.

My week this week has been busy; Tuesday evening after my four day trip I went to see Moving Units at the Kings Arms Tavern; Wednesday I had classes and then went to a jam session out in New Lynn, then Thursday I spent a day getting my stuff together. On Thursday I went grocery shopping and bought some Tim Tams.

I thought, hmm, I bet these would taste great if they were cold. So I froze the Tim Tams. I had one – tasted pretty good. I had the second – the second bite of the second tim tam and I felt something very very crunchy in my mouth. Funny tasting nut, I thought. Then I remembered that Tim Tams don’t have nuts; and thus found my filling embedded amongst the cookie, chocolate and caramel.

My friends warned me – Mills said “Don’t give her the Tim Tams!” on the bus when we were on our trip. I guess Mills has psychic powers…

No worries – Friday I spent it at the Dentist’s. Only $170 to repair the tooth.


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