Drop it like its hot..

Originally uploaded by scrunt.

I was walking home from Newmarket one day and saw this torched hippy van sitting just at the corner of Park road and some other road I don’t know the name of. The neighbourhood is pretty nice, beautiful old houses around and some nice cars. This was a little out of place..

It was kind of like how I felt at last night’s show at the Kings Arms Tavern. The bands playing were Tadpole, Bruttaly Frank and (another band I can’t remember the name of). All the bands were great – Bruttaly Frank though was metal.. no Metal with a capital “M”. I haven’t seen headbangers like that for about 15 years, or since I was in grade 9. They had the devil-signs, the mosh pit, the spikey bracelets, the long hair, the Pantera tees.. everything. With that being said, the music was really quite good; and the band’s lyrics were politically motivated at times too.

Other than that, it was a good night.. met with new friends, had a few shots of Tequila, then we decided it was too $$ to drink there, so another friend brought in a bottle of vodka for us to drink. But we had no mixer, so we drank it with water. It was soooo first year of University, it brought back memories of ole Silent Sam. Which is probably why didn’t end up drinking the stuff at all..


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