Real Life

Real Life
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I was SO happy to see a real el camino – there are a bunch of nouveau caminos here, but not many of the old ones trapsing around.

I spent an hour or so today hanging out on K’Road; I LOVE K’ROAD! Its like if Commercial Drive and Davie street where smushed together, and took over one long road that is about the distance from Commercial Drive & Broadway to Main Street & Broadway. There are Turkish Cafes, Indian Fabric Stores, Tattoo Parlours, some Kareoke Bars, really cheap produce, its amazing. And people watching along there is a hoot: although I expected to see all these bizarre freaky people – turned out I actually recognized one fella (hot guy from Kings Arms) and met up by fluke with Jodie (<==look I mentioned yer name, lol).

So, today is the day I tie up loose ends. Horoscope says that things are moving on.. thank crap.


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