Bathroom "Graffiti"

Bathroom “Graffiti”
Originally uploaded by scrunt.

Last night was marked by much booze, many lollipops and walking.. walking from the Rock Bar, to Eden’s Bar, to the Rock Bar, etc.

I didn’t change before I went out, and would I have changed, I would have felt a lot less out of place. But I just tried to go with the flow, beige pants and black shirt. But then my booze started hitting me. I realized, I was the beige goth. Yup, that’s right, so rebellious I don’t wear black…. Oh, right, it wasn’t beige I was told, I was wearing tan. Because beige was effing horrible.

I can remember all of what I did last night – watched Just One Fix, watched another band, danced around a bit to some tunes at one bar, then wandered home. I bought wayy too many french fries, and now my room smells like day-old grease.

When getting my french fries, a kiwi couple walked up to the burger bar and were trying to figure out what to get. They thought they were going to get “squid rings”. So I asked them what on earth were “squid rings”.. I knew what they were, but I wanted to hear how they described them (I haven’t been able to get over the visuals that squid rings produce.. yuck). The guy looked at me incredulously and said “Were you born yesterday?” and I said “Ya, kinda, I’m from Canada”.


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