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Last night it was my friend Jodie’s birthday (pictured here!) and Jodie, Andrew (Mills as they call ’em) and myself went to.. where else? Denny’s. I have tried SO hard to let go of the North American ideal of “service” in a restaurant. In NZ, they aren’t tipped, so it is a different service-style to get used to: for instance, once you get your main course, you are pretty much on your own. Good luck getting an extra fork, glass of water, throughout your meal. And dessert? Pretty much forget it unless you go up to the waiters or waitresses and ask. I’ve heard that Denny’s in NZ has some of the worst service, but it is horrid service compared to any where else that I’ve been. You can just sit around for hours without anyone walking by. So like I said, I’m trying to let that notion of service go. Trying.

Luckily, I had Jodie and Mills to entertain me, and possibly I was able to entertain them slightly as well. I was in awe of the “Medium Rare” toothpick flag pierced through the flesh of Mills’ steak.. I’m glad I took a picture of it, because I forgot to bloody well get the flag before the table was cleared.

Earlier in the day I was at the University and watched ANOTHER movie about suicide.. it was an okay film “The Dreamlife of Angels”, but the day before I watched “Once Were Warriors” an AMAZING movie from NZ. Like I said to the guy at the Film Library – either suicides or smut. That’s all I seem to be watching here.


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