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(I didn’t quite look as bad as the picture here after last night’s excursion, but not far off..)

Okay, so last night I went to a hip-hop bar in Auckland with my Canadian friend (Jodie) to meet some Kiwi friends… We got to the bar, after a few home drinks, at about 11:15pm or so and found out that tequila shots (pretty decent tequila too) were $3.50, only until 12 midnight though.

So what did we get up to? Well, we each had 8 shots of tequila (along with a few other assorted drinks) and we danced for about three hours straight. If either Jodie or I thought about sitting down, we would have passed out, so dance on we did.

The music at FUBAR? I would have thought, from my previous experience with the movie from back home, I would have thought metallers (Bogans here?) and a lot of Metallica. Nope. It was hip-hop. Like fiddy cent hip-hop. And there were girls wearing bandanas on their heads, attempting to look fashionable, but they ended up looking more like steven van zandt from the e-street band.

We wandered back home at around 2:30am or so, and this dressed up dude was walking a few steps behind us – and he said “Well, if I walk a few steps behind you, you’ll think I’m stalking you, so I’ll just walk with you”. Jodie thought it was sweet of him, I thought he had ulterior motives.

The night ended after wandering up to Jodie’s place, and I was going to walk home, but after walking up that M****** F******* hill to Jodie’s, I couldn’t bear the thought of walking home. When I crashed on the couch, I also realized that I was REALLY drunk, so I had better stay put.

But, today, I actually don’t feel too bad. A bit dehydrated and a little fuzzy, but I’ll probably make my way to the pool this afternoon. Yesterday I did 2000m!!


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