Milky vs. The Punk

“That Punk’s Ass is Mine”
Originally uploaded by scrunt.

Okay, this is one of the parts of our evening that was funny.

There was a security guard on the ground, about 5’7″ or so, skinny as hell, and vaguely opaque in colour. It didn’t help that he was swimming in his security uniform. All the other security folk were large islander men – big guys.

I remember saying to J/M – I wonder what is going on in that guy’s head. The conversation changed into a conversation about the Napoleonic Drive that some men have, especially if they are short or underpriviledged. Shortly after that, the confrontation began.

So, I can’t remember the start – if it was because during one of the waves, some of the folks started hucking the bottles at this group of teens, or if that pale-guard was giving the youngin’s the stink eye.

It wasn’t long until the securi-whitey jumped the fence and started trying to get the one punk to leave. He was met with a not so wonderful response from the crowd around us – he being the whiteness.

It was almost as if he had to go home and cry to mommy – in this case mommy was a large pacific islander man. Well, mommy drug out the punk, and thus whitey was restored to his rightful position as security guard. With the exception that the punk’s friends were still there, and heckled the security guard for the rest of the night – names like “milky” and then “whitey”.


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