WAAAAAHH! No Haka For Me!

Haka 😦
Originally uploaded by scrunt.

Oh my. Such an ordeal. (For this post, i’ve linked to extra pictures at J/M’s stuff on Flickr, so this post won’t be longer than it is, feel free to click through and have a look at their photos too).

Okay, so we get going and our first interaction with anyone is bizarre – one double bus pulls up on Queen Street and he looks like he’s loading on all-blacks fans. So we ask if he’s going to Albany to the stadium. He doesn’t even look at me, and he just scrunches his face and says “No” in the tone that made me want to slap him. Seriously. And I hadn’t even had a drink.

Second encounter – at MacDoo’s. We are waiting for our burgers. Yup – waiting. Its dinner rush and they didn’t have enough burgers on. Fine, so we take some pictures. Some tall managerial-looking dude in the back looks out at us and gives us the “no-no” finger wave. WTF, mate? Ohhh – their menu is TOP secret – that’s why they have it up where people can READ IT? In all seriousness, we almost got kicked out for this photo

Third encounter. The MF bus. Yes. I’m one for using foul language, but I was trying to keep this blog clean. Not tonight. Auckland Stagecoach buses said they put on extra buses to accommodate passengers to the game. We get there at 5:30pm (game time is 7:10pm). There is no line-up for the bus. So, by the time we actually get on a bus, its 6:40pm. This kinda made me go squirrelly.They put on three buses, some were leaving when they were less than half full. So we missed the haka. Thus why I had to do an “artists” rendition of said haka. Frustrating.

Fourth Encounter: finding our gate. Wander half way across the huge stadium. Fine.

Fifth Encounter: Dread wet ass from sitting on grass. Oh, that’s right. Our cheap tickets didn’t come with *seats*! So, luckily, I had brought my cushion to sit on, so did that – save the wet bum. We drank steinlager, ate chocolate covered hokey pokey and chocolate fish and watched the all-blacks trounce the fijians 91 to 0. That’s right. 91. It was an okay game, but sucked because after the second half, the action was going on at the other end of the stadium. So.. we started doing waves.

Waves here entail the hucking of bottles into the air – so conveniently we had a few that we could throw. That entertained us a bit.

What entertained us most was probably milky. Read above for that post.

So, we get out of the stadium and try to find the buses. Nope. NO stop anywhere. Great. So, we end up having to take a cab back to the city – a nice $45 ride. Great. THANKS A BUNCH STAGECOACH. A**holes.

So.. moral of the story is:
1) When in New Zealand, buy a car.
2) Never take buses in Auckland
3) Bring Tarps to sit on at rugby games
4) Good walking shoes are a must
5) Waiting in Lines can make one bored, angry, tired, hungry, or a grumpy mcgrumpypants.


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