One Week and A Bit

I hate exams. I hate exams. I hate exams. I hate exams.

Okay, sure, I only have three – one is open book, the other is pretty much given to us. But I still don’t like them. Blech blech blech.

So, its 3am, I’m still procrastinating by watching episodes of Corner Gas, and listening to the Shrek 2 soundtrack (no, not at the same time, I’m not that bored). Oh, and I ate a whole pack of mentos that spent 2 months in a cardboard box crossing the Pacific Ocean. The lightbulb in my lamp burned out at about 10pm and I don’t have a spare.

One week. One week. One week.

PS – If anyone is thinking about going back to school – just don’t. Seriously, Keep your disposable income, your possessions, your ability to have a bit of a life. The student life is NOT fun. No fun.

Something more for procrastination’s sake!


7 thoughts on “One Week and A Bit

  1. Don’t say that! I’m going back to school in Sept and I only got accepted because I applied (and I only applied at the last minute because you encouraged me)!

  2. lol!oh, nao – that was just the silly talking! of course! go back to school, it will fulfill your every desire, lol… (did i convince you again?!?!) 🙂

  3. no no nowhilst i live in a nike house, it will be JUST DO ITmy motto come july 2 is “I CAN DO IT! ALL! NIGHT! LONG!!!”thought you’d all appreciate knowing that bit of personal info

  4. Ohh Liz, I too soon will be back to that horrible stress, of exams, lectures and no expendable income, but mind you I work six days a week right now and I still don’t have an expendable income….miss you love you hope you are having fun in NZ

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