My Travel Adventures, End of June

New Zealand T-Shirt
Originally uploaded by scrunt.

My days are getting *boring*. I need to spice things up. I’m thinking of taking a short trip to Wellington next week, because if I don’t I’ll wither away from boredom. I feel like a five-year old who is stuck in the back seat of a van, driving with its parents to some far away location. Boring.

So, today I made myself busy. Got groceries, then got back onto a random bus and jumped off where it looked interesting. I had fun taking pictures of graffiti and rusted fences.

Back on the bus to come home, a guy on the bus that was calling an Australian man a Kangaroo. “Ya know what you are? A Kangaroo! Go back to where you came from Kangaroo!”. How can you have a tirade about a kangaroo? Its a weird word. Its like cursing with the word rutabega. It just shouldn’t happen. I felt bad for the guy, probably Maori, 60+ years old, and drunk as a bloody skunk. And angry at the world. How does one react in a situation like that? Turn up the volume on the headphones real loud, look away and try *damn* hard not to laugh when someone slams someone with the hit “kangaroo”.


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