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Across from the VPark Market
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I am now officially volunteering for the New Zealand Film Festival. So far, I haven’t actually had to work, but I’ve been able to see five films. Tomorrow I’ll be seeing 4, then on Monday I’m working from 12noon until 10:30pm as an usher – so I’ll probably see another 5 movies or so.

The movies I’ve seen so far have been bizarre, but one that I was looking most forward to, Hidden (Cache) left me immensely underwhelmend. It was a boring boring movie, and by the time the interesting part in the film happened, I was ready to walk out of the theatre.

Today I went to see the 1953 movie “The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T”. It was a kid’s movie that was thought of by Dr. Seuss – being a big Dr. Seuss fan, I have to say I adored it – it was strange and fanciful, and bizarre as well. Something like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at parts. There were a bunch of kids in the audience at the Civic watching the film too- and they were making the best comments……. I’ll admit that was probably part of the beauty of it too.


5 thoughts on “Next Thing

  1. good lord! now you guys are resorting to blogging guilt trips!(that would be my parents in the first instance!)tabby – aren’t auntie joan and uncle murray weirdos?!?! come on, who’s with me here?

  2. Liz, I miss you! I loved New York, but I hate this place I’m in now (I won’t say where so that I won’t offend anyone). I think I’ll go back the first chance I get. I hate feeling so useless. I’d rather be cutting us people’s food and singing the Hokey Pokey… Oh, and I couldn’t get into a Vancouver cohort for Sept, so somehow I’m in the Delta one…WHY me!! WHY Delta!

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