Bling Bling and Travelling

bling bling
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Well, first day of classes was yesterday, and now the classes are off for today because of a strike. I thought this shit only happened in Canada? First we have a bus strike here, now a university staff strike.

I think I’m getting frustrated with the “system” here. It isn’t customer driven. So you would probably ask – how is it driven? My answer – I have no clue. Like last night there was a guy in a wheelchair who wanted to see the movie – they don’t really have wheelchair access to this theatre. Bizarre. Then, my package from Canada has “gone missing” because the delivery person couldn’t find the address. And all of the times I’ve been told “Sorry ma’am you can’t do that”, just bewilders me. Yes, that’s right bewilders. And I don’t use that word lightly.

I think I’m getting bored, and I’m glad that classes have started to give me some sort of distraction from my boredom. I’d like to be on the move again, to go travelling. I do believe I’ve caught the bug now.

I was reading on someone’s blog that they were going to Cambodia this year, and I just spoke to a girl who just came back from Vietnam. And then there’s the possibility of South Korea as well. I mean, I’m in the southern hemisphere, I should explore it, right?

(Insert parental fit here)


3 thoughts on “Bling Bling and Travelling

  1. well, i’m sure they won’t post a fit now, because I’ve said they would, but you may hear of that fit via other avenues…… šŸ™‚

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