It was my friend’s house warming party on Saturday. I drank too much wine. I couldn’t leave her house until 4pm Sunday ’cause I was a little bit hungover. A wee bit.

But, today I’m back on track – I went to the University to pick up somethings, went to get groceries and then went for my swim at the pool. So I may not be entirely responsible, but at least I’m *trying* to be responsible…. 🙂


Something Else to Waste Time

Well, before I’m off to Wellington on the 1st of September, I’m wasting, uh, I mean, productively using my time to get my assignments done before I leave. Seriously.

And this was one of the assignments. Find an internet pizza company and order a pizza with frogs, eyeballs and sinks on it.

SO silly. So wonderfully productive.

I Swear I’m Hearing Things

Okay, my room in my residence backs onto a playschool and a preschool. Some days are rowdier than others, but pretty much from 10am until 5pm every weekday, the sounds of screaming little satan spawn fills my room. I figure that this is getting me prepared for moving up north to be in a household with at least 5 children, but weirder things have happened.

Like today. I’m sitting here, writing some stuff for school, and one child starts singing. When one child starts, the others usually join in. Today’s “tune” is “I like to move it, move it” – it was a big hit a few years ago. Horrid song. But this kid, in his beauteous five year old wisdom changed the lyrics to…… and I am not kidding about this……. “I like to poop it poop it”. So within about three seconds, a whole chorus of evil children of the corn start to sing “I like to poop it poop it”.

I don’t think there has been a better revamping of the song. And this one instance has almost made up for having to put up with the little buggers for eight months.

Weird Commercials

So, the Kiwis are a lot like the British in their humour. I’ve found many a kiwi who knows very well the likes of Monty Python, Benny Hill and even the Young Ones and, amazingly, Bottom. But the commercials here seem to push the buttons a bit more than back home, from what I remember.

The “Shake It” Flavoured milk ad, where the kid was carrying his milk around and all the people around him were, in mime, trying to convince him to shake it up. Picture lewd. Go there. Even an old lady doing that motion. Nasty.

Then, theres the windshield replacement group whose themesong is “Show us your crack”.

There is the Toyota Ad where two bulls steal a truck, run away from their farmer, and run into a flock of sheep and yell out their windows (and this is also taking the piss out of the kiwis themselves) “Get out of the road you sheep shagger!”.

But the weirdest one that I’ve seen, was the remote control to end all remote controls. They called it, and I swear to GOD I’m not making this up, “The Final Solution”. We were watching the All-Blacks Test against the South Africans, and the commercial moved me to tears of laughter – helped of course with a well-placed German accent by one of the lads in the room, “Ve vill make your problems go avay! Zis is ze besten remote control EVER. Ve Heil!”. I wonder how long that commercial will be on air here. I really don’t think it would get aired back home…………

Bangs! Bangs! Bangs!

Originally uploaded by scrunt.

Well, I figure after a few trial and error pictures, this one isn’t too horrid.

Shows proof that I cut my own hair, and that I’m alive and kind of kicking. Although today I’m a little bit torn because there is a strike at the University and my classes are going ahead “unaffected”. But I won’t cross any picket lines, and I hear there is a huge march and whatnot.

So, I think I’ll go grocery shopping instead. I just hope this strike doesn’t go on for much longer.

Pineapple Head

Tonight was the Finn Brothers – The Phoenix Foundation opened for them. I was in Row P in the balcony – but thank god there was a break right in front of our seats – that meant a clear sight line to the stage.

The Phoenix Foundation weren’t bad , but I wouldn’t rush out and buy one of their CD’s. They were a kind of trip-hop-ish country/folk blend.

Then the Finn Brothers came on – and their entrance was grand. Tim Finn was the horse’s head, Neill was the rear. Later in the evening, there were jokes made that, even though they didn’t know the names of their roadies, they would still take advantage of them while wearing the horse costume.

The songs they went through, some from Split Enz days… (I Got You, Six Months In a Leaky Boat)……..some from Crowded house days (Weather With You, Pineapple Head, I think they did “Been Locked Out” as well), and then a bunch of their new songs as well…… overall a good concert, not a fabulous one, but between Neil Finn’s silky vocals and Tim Finn’s weird Irish-come-psycho-hippie dancing, it was a great night.

They played a few songs off of Woodface – the album from 93 or 94. Those songs, especially “Pineapple Head” reminded me of my car Rory and driving out to Goodman’s to “housesit”. I remember having to make way past the scary doll’s heads to make it to the hot tub.

Sad part to the evening, turns out I locked my keys in my apartment. Luckily, my kindly Residential manager let me in without too much waiting. It was kind of cold here this evening!

Concert Summary:
Jokes about Aucklanders: Three
Times the Drug Charges against “unknown” kiwis were mentioned: Two
Encores: Two
Times Neil Said “Reckon”: One

Journey of A Semi-Stalker

Nevermind that one of the Finn Brothers is managed by Nettwerk records, originally based off of West Fourth Avenue in Vancouver and started by Terry McBride who is an alumnus of UBC, but I figure, why not come all the way to Auckland to see the Finn Brothers, and pay the most outrageous amount of money to see them in their home town? Why the heck not, really.

So, I made the plunge. So, I haven’t been able to actually meet Neill Finn of Split Enz, Crowded House fame, but I’ll be able to see him from Row P in the Balcony of the Civic Theatre. I’m gonna try my “Soundcheck” trick to see if it works still, maybe see if I can get some sort of autograph, or handshake of some sort. Its so funny, because its so not a big deal, but I feel that I would be somehow cheated if I *didn’t* get to meet the Finn Brothers in Auckland. They own a bar in town for frig’s sake!

On other news of the bored, I took a dive back to my teenage years. I was feeling terribly spritely and courageous yesterday and, with my new pair of scissors I gave myself bangs. I’ve heard “Wow, I really like your hair” to “Wow, you are really sporting a good fro today”.

Let’s just say I’m going to put the picture of the old Split Enz up here in hopes that it will distract in case I ever post a picture of myself up on my blog again. I’m not saying that I look funny, but I laughed enough that I peed just a little when I saw my own bangs. Not enough to make a mess, mind you, just enough to realize that my bladder isn’t as strong as it once was.