Journey of A Semi-Stalker

Nevermind that one of the Finn Brothers is managed by Nettwerk records, originally based off of West Fourth Avenue in Vancouver and started by Terry McBride who is an alumnus of UBC, but I figure, why not come all the way to Auckland to see the Finn Brothers, and pay the most outrageous amount of money to see them in their home town? Why the heck not, really.

So, I made the plunge. So, I haven’t been able to actually meet Neill Finn of Split Enz, Crowded House fame, but I’ll be able to see him from Row P in the Balcony of the Civic Theatre. I’m gonna try my “Soundcheck” trick to see if it works still, maybe see if I can get some sort of autograph, or handshake of some sort. Its so funny, because its so not a big deal, but I feel that I would be somehow cheated if I *didn’t* get to meet the Finn Brothers in Auckland. They own a bar in town for frig’s sake!

On other news of the bored, I took a dive back to my teenage years. I was feeling terribly spritely and courageous yesterday and, with my new pair of scissors I gave myself bangs. I’ve heard “Wow, I really like your hair” to “Wow, you are really sporting a good fro today”.

Let’s just say I’m going to put the picture of the old Split Enz up here in hopes that it will distract in case I ever post a picture of myself up on my blog again. I’m not saying that I look funny, but I laughed enough that I peed just a little when I saw my own bangs. Not enough to make a mess, mind you, just enough to realize that my bladder isn’t as strong as it once was.


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