Pineapple Head

Tonight was the Finn Brothers – The Phoenix Foundation opened for them. I was in Row P in the balcony – but thank god there was a break right in front of our seats – that meant a clear sight line to the stage.

The Phoenix Foundation weren’t bad , but I wouldn’t rush out and buy one of their CD’s. They were a kind of trip-hop-ish country/folk blend.

Then the Finn Brothers came on – and their entrance was grand. Tim Finn was the horse’s head, Neill was the rear. Later in the evening, there were jokes made that, even though they didn’t know the names of their roadies, they would still take advantage of them while wearing the horse costume.

The songs they went through, some from Split Enz days… (I Got You, Six Months In a Leaky Boat)……..some from Crowded house days (Weather With You, Pineapple Head, I think they did “Been Locked Out” as well), and then a bunch of their new songs as well…… overall a good concert, not a fabulous one, but between Neil Finn’s silky vocals and Tim Finn’s weird Irish-come-psycho-hippie dancing, it was a great night.

They played a few songs off of Woodface – the album from 93 or 94. Those songs, especially “Pineapple Head” reminded me of my car Rory and driving out to Goodman’s to “housesit”. I remember having to make way past the scary doll’s heads to make it to the hot tub.

Sad part to the evening, turns out I locked my keys in my apartment. Luckily, my kindly Residential manager let me in without too much waiting. It was kind of cold here this evening!

Concert Summary:
Jokes about Aucklanders: Three
Times the Drug Charges against “unknown” kiwis were mentioned: Two
Encores: Two
Times Neil Said “Reckon”: One


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