Weird Commercials

So, the Kiwis are a lot like the British in their humour. I’ve found many a kiwi who knows very well the likes of Monty Python, Benny Hill and even the Young Ones and, amazingly, Bottom. But the commercials here seem to push the buttons a bit more than back home, from what I remember.

The “Shake It” Flavoured milk ad, where the kid was carrying his milk around and all the people around him were, in mime, trying to convince him to shake it up. Picture lewd. Go there. Even an old lady doing that motion. Nasty.

Then, theres the windshield replacement group whose themesong is “Show us your crack”.

There is the Toyota Ad where two bulls steal a truck, run away from their farmer, and run into a flock of sheep and yell out their windows (and this is also taking the piss out of the kiwis themselves) “Get out of the road you sheep shagger!”.

But the weirdest one that I’ve seen, was the remote control to end all remote controls. They called it, and I swear to GOD I’m not making this up, “The Final Solution”. We were watching the All-Blacks Test against the South Africans, and the commercial moved me to tears of laughter – helped of course with a well-placed German accent by one of the lads in the room, “Ve vill make your problems go avay! Zis is ze besten remote control EVER. Ve Heil!”. I wonder how long that commercial will be on air here. I really don’t think it would get aired back home…………


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