Originally uploaded by scrunt.

This is the first picture of my journey to some points south. My day started at 8am, when I realized that I needed to return library books to the Central Library here in Auckland, which would mean that I would have to leave the comfort of my link bus before the Intercity Coach bus stop, drop off my books, and then walk up the g.d. hill with my backpack full of crap. Luckily, I was travelling kind of light, so it wasn’t too much of a pain. It was more the pain of getting up early matched with the pain of me being an idiot and not returning my books the day before when I had been downtown.

The bus trip down to Wellington was pretty decent for a 12 hour trip. We stopped a bunch of times along the way in weird little towns, and the driver actually acted like a bit of a tour guide – telling us what was coming up on either sides of the bus. The weather was really great for my whole trip as well, where I was only met with a bit of rain in Queenstown and Milford Sound, and a bunch of fog in Queenstown Airport.


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