Getting the Land Legs and Going to a Gig

Originally uploaded by scrunt.

Well, after an evening of getting used to my top bunk in my coed shared dorm room, I started out into the city of Wellington at around 12noon. I didn’t know much about anything in Wellington, so I just started walking in hopes that I would get lost. I made my way to Espressoholics – a great coffee shop whose decor reminded me of the decor of DV8 in Vancouver – and had a cup of coffee. Well a “flat white”. (NB – I still haven’t figured the difference between a flat white and a cappucino, nor a long black and an americano).

From there, I wandered down the street to the Info Centre, and booked a walking tour for the next morning at 10am. I knew it would be pushing it a little bit, as I was going to a gig Friday night, but I did it anyhow.

I checked out the local City Art Gallery. I loved the fact that most of the attractions in Wellington were either free or cheap. The Art Gallery had this great exhibition on called “Big Town, Small Town” I believe – and all these very intriguing pieces – one was a half-sized replica of a beach house, another was a large (20ft long) airplane made out of cloth and stuffed fabric. Also, there was a small exhibit by the Australian artist Noel McKenna, who painted on old glass windows in a very childlike and reserved manner. I almost bought a book of his artwork, but refrained, as I didn’t want to have to lug it all the way to Queenstown and back. In the end, I forgot to go back and get it, so now I’m Noel McKenna-less.

I walked back to the hostel, engaged in a strange film conversation with my dorm-mate, and had a nap. I woke up in time to attempt to find Room 101 – which was the basement to the Bodega. I had no clue where I was going, and it was around 10pm, so all the young hooligans were out (good lord, am I that old?). I walked along like I knew where I was going, but I didn’t, so I was hoping to find a discreet location to check my map. I had an idea where I was going, and luckily my idea turned out to be correct.

I was meeting a friend at the gig, someone who has posted on a website that I’ve posted to for years and years. The gig was great, it started off with some Peaches knock-offs – but instead of synth rap, they were doing synth-country songs. Second act up was Lady Luck – they seemed the most engaging of the three bands. The last band’s name has totally slipped my mind, but they were essentially a female-fronted “Faint”, but the lead singer looked like the woman off the Northern Pike’s “She Ain’t Pretty She Just Looks that Way” Video – she was wearing the same dress and had the same hairdo.

I wandered back to the hostel, drunk on Hoegaarten, and my poor feet needed a bit of a rest after walking around all day and standing on my feet all night at the gig.


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