Movies and Hot Soup..

Originally uploaded by scrunt.

My Sunday was another slow day; I met up with another friend and we ended up watched a few movies at her place – one was the movie Harvey from the late 50’s? and another we watched was called Dirt – this great southern US tale, starring Puddy/ The Tick guy as this horrible wife-beater. We had some hot soup from a chinese veggie restaurant, then I stole some washing powder and wandered back to my hotel/dorm for the evening. See they had this great single room available, only $59 a night – it was “no facilities” meanining there was no bathroom, but for an extra $40 it was SO worth it to have my own space for one evening before flying to Queenstown. I did much laundry, watched Spiderman Two, and got ready for my flight the next morning to QTown…


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