Cable Cable Cable Cable Car

Originally uploaded by scrunt.

Today was another day of touristy stuff.. surprise surprise 🙂

Mainly, I went to the top of the Cable Car track, wandered around the Botanical Gardens and had a coffee at the cafe at the top of the mountain and also read my book.

I came home early and checked myself into my *new* room. Nice single room. Ahh the quiet. But, ah, not really. They put me in a room that was facing the bar, so even though it was on the second floor, you still got the “thumpa thumpa” from the music in the bar. I don’t know which was more annoying – that music, or the fact that I am slowly turning into my mother. You see, she would complain if we were at a hotel/motel and she could hear any music. I thought I was pretty tolerant. But after staying in hostels for a week, and spending my big $40 on a room upgrade, I wanted to make sure I had a good sleep. It eventually happened, and I ended up sleeping in a bit longer to compensate myself for my sleep missed due to those rowdy youngins.


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