Wedding Crashers, Back Benchers and an Ever-Entertaining Bus Ride

Originally uploaded by scrunt.

Sunday was my last day of my vacation and I was officially done. I had seen all I wanted to see, I didn’t have a lot of extra cash left, and I was *tired*. So, Sunday was my day of rest.

First off, I went to see the movie the Wedding Crashers. It was quite funny, but it felt more like a play than a film. Not that that’s a bad thing, but it was quite weird for a mainstream comedy I thought. I got a good laugh out of it anyhow. BABAGANOOSH!

Then, I wandered to try and find a bite to eat…. This was a bit more of an undertaking than I would have thought initially. Turns out everything in downtown Wellington closes on Sundays. Except my fair Back Bencher’s cafe. So I returned to the cafe and this time took pictures of the various political figures displayed on their walls. My favourite one is the one above; I’m not sure what it really means in terms of Don Brash, but I’m not too fond of this guy’s politics, so insinuating he is two-faced is just fine with me.

Then, I boarded the bus to go home. It was packed, and I was a bit horrified it would be a cramped trip all the way to Auckland – luckily most got out at Palmerston North, about two hours north of Wellington.

Shortly after we dumped the folks in Palmy, the bus stopped. Apparently one of our luggage lockers was open and dumping luggage over the road. Some folks in a car picked up some bags, but we had to go back to the point where the locker flung open to check if all the luggage was there. My conspiracy theory is that it was a thinly veiled smoke break, as there didn’t seem to really be any problem.


We were now 1/2 an hour behind schedule. Time to make up time! We were clipping along the country roads, and about an hour later, the bus was pulled over for speeding. Add another 15 minutes late to schedule. As far as eventful bus rides, I was waiting for the third thing to happen, but the rest of the trip was fine: a bit rocky, but fine. We ended up getting back to Auckland 10 minutes ahead of schedule, which would explain why I didn’t really get a good sleep on the way home, as I felt as soon as I fell asleep my ass would fall off the bench seats because the driver would take the corners too fast.


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