Kinda Lame

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Yes, I know its kinda lame that I’m blogging pictures that I took on my trip at the beginning of last month – but what’s a girl to do? I’m into the trying to find a job internationally/finish papers/ study for exams/pack up all my crap into a bag that is 32 kgs less than the one I started out with- mode.

Yes, that is p**s off number one: my cheap ticket to Australia is cheap because I lost my luggage allowance going from New Zealand to Oz. So, not only did I get caught in Fiji and had to buy a one way ticket at the last minute, but now I have to pay around $250 to get my crap back home. All I have to say is NEVER USE TRAVEL CUTS. NEVER. EVER. (Unless it is a direct here there kinda flight). I would have been better off to have my flight going direct to Auckland, returning on December 20th or so, and then booking a direct flight from here to Perth. BUT NOOOO! That would have been logical.

Oh well, live and learn I guess.

So, right now I have a million books out of the library that I need to get through so I can write my papers.

Some of the titles:
Impossible Bodies: femininity and masculinity at the movies
Lacan and Contemporary Film
Narrative, Apparatus and Ideology
Place, Power, Situation and Spectacle
Critical Terms of Literary Study
Critical Discourse: A Survey of Literary Theorists
Film Feminisms
The Sexual Subject; A Screen Reader in Sexuality
The Geo-political Aesthetic
Monsters and Mad Scientists
Madness and Cinema
Technologies of Gender
Criticism and Ideology
Carnal Thoughts: Embodiement and Moving Image Culture

And the list goes on. And you know what the weird part is. I really like reading this theory stuff. It’s so convoluted, but it is really creative too.

Which brings me to the next issue – finding a job. I still don’t know where I’ll end up in the next few months. I’ve got a work visa now for Australia, because I figure if I can get some temp work for a week or two when I’m there, it will give me a bit of money to play with and will keep me out of the relatives’ hair. But, we’ll see how that goes….. seems like they give out the Work/Holiday Visas to pretty much anyone, so there is a bit of a stigma that goes along with having that kind of work permit.

I think the next big thing for me will be the end of term, which is the 21st of October. Then I think I will take a bit of time off, maybe get out to the beach a little more. Then two exams, then another week’s break (at which point I’ll be selling off all the stuff I don’t want) and then, Nov 13th, I’m off to Sydney.

I think I’m looking forward to the change of scenery.


2 thoughts on “Kinda Lame

  1. liz:first things are SO right about travel cuts. NEVER AGAIN.second: i am waiting for good weather too!i’m thinking about doing a different beach each weekend? i still want to go surfing one last time before i leave, so we’ll be making it out either to piha or raglan if the weather is ever ever nice on a weekendthird: i hear you about packing- i’m using ridiculous amounts of shampoo and toothpaste and whatnot trying to use up the stuff i don’t need!four: auckland weather sucks.five: i’m so sick of assignmentssix: procrastinating with podcasts may be something you should look into…. cheerio!

  2. first: indeedsecond: WEATHER! PIHA! I’ve totally been thinking about Piha, and that I need to spend more time there over the next while. I’m thinking between the 21st of Oct and Nov 1st, I’m gonna rent a car and drive out there every day. Whaddya think?third: yup. i will be bequeathing many such items to unsuspecting passersbyfour: indeedfive: indeedsix: see my latest post. pretty much the same thing. CHEEEESY SONGS!

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