No seriously, I am. I’ve been watching too many Frankenstein movies though (its AAAAAAAAALIIIIIVEEE!).

Uhm, just one thing to share for now, new adventures are starting up. I spent this past weekend hanging with some friends; we tried to go to the International Surfing Competition at Piha, but it was too busy, so we went to a different (Bethels) beach instead. Then, last night I went to see Unleashed (it could have been better, 6/10).

Other news – next next week I think I’m going to go to the Bay of Islands; possibly Napier or Gisborne, but I’m not terribly keen on going to the West Coast, as Gisborne got a bunch of rain last weekend, and I don’t think that is the end of the rain for them.

I’m excited and sad to be moving on to Australia. I’ve made some good friends while here, and I’ll be sad to say goodbye; but with that being said, I’m seriously considering doing my Masters now, and I would love to do it at Auckland Uni.

This is a map of countries I’ve been (or will be going to shortly)……….. continent by continent, I conquer. 🙂

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands


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