Bon Scott and Whatnot

Well, on Monday I went with my cousins out to Freemantle to find Bon Scott’s grave. Not being the best planner, I knew that his grave was out there, but didn’t know exactly where it was. Supposedly one of the friends did, but it turns out she *didn’t* and sent us on a wild goose chase. Or Bon Scott chase, as the case may be. We finally found his grave, it was a very modest headstone in a rose garden. Thank god there was a guy who *did* print off stuff from the internet that we could follow around to figure out where we were going.

The next day was another trip out to Freemantle with a friend’s friend, which included a visit to the old jail, the Nautical Museum, and the once insane asylum, now Art Centre. I wondered if the latter was a comment on the lives of artists. Being somewhat crazily inclined, I’m glad that I didn’t live 100 years ago, as I probably would have inhabited a crazy house with the rest of them. We also went up to the war memorial, which was the best view of the area I’ve seen so far.

Last night I went to the Arts and Fashion Graduate Show from Curtin Tech with two of my other cousins; the show was interesting. It showcased both jewellry and fashion: the fashion, for the most part, was very boring, save for some excellent Madmax-inspired airline stewardess hats made from leather and some ripped/torn men’s garments worn by beautiful boys attempting capoeria (sp?). The jewellry presentation was odd, as the women who wore the jewellry wore black lycra suits only, and the necklace/bracelets they were showcasing. I understand why they wouldn’t want to combine the fashion with jewellry, but the black lyrcra was wayyyy to Robert Palmer for my liking.

Today was a fine day in Perth – another warmish day cooled by ocean breezes. I wandered into the city to find some information about tours up north, and subsequently booked one going to the Pinnacles, and doing some dolphin thing. That leaves on the 1st of Dec. I then actually found the tourist info centre, and then made it back to the cuz’s on my own, and a return to sender tag around my throat wasn’t even necessary.

This weekend I’ll be hanging out with the cousins again on Saturday, doing some music “sharing”, then wandering to Freo again to go to a bar. Sunday will be another slow day, with my other cousin’s birthday BBQ happening in the ‘arvo’. Next week will be slow until Wednesday, when I go to the city, crash at other cousin’s, then leave for the north in the morning of the 1st. The 5th we are going down south for five days to Margaret River, which I hear is wonderful: they have the best wineries, the best restaurants and heaps of surfing. I come back on the 10th, then have a week to get in a few more touristy things, then bugger off back to Syndey on the 17th. It’s weird that all this time is collapsing on itself.

Needless to say, my Nanowrimo has gone by the way-side, as I’ve not really been too busy, but I’m not in the same headspace as I was in Auckland, and am thus finding it difficult to write and continue the same story that I was. I’m 10,000 words into the story, with no clear plot, but a lot of swearing. Not really sure where to go with that. I want to write about the aridness of my surroundings, but it doesn’t fit in with the moldyness of my previous ones. I think separate short stories is a cop-out, but I’m also sure that there is nothing in the rules against splitting things up. And I mean really, I’m not doing anything between now and the 30th, really, so why not? (har har)


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