Merry Mooseballs!

Well, back from the whirlwind trip across the Canadian Praries. We had wonderful, even balmy weather – no snow at all, and mostly the daytime highs were 2 or so degrees. When regular temperatures for this time of year average in the -15 to -25 range, we hit it quite good.


Happy Holidays!

Well, I got to my final destination of Calgary (well, High River) then my folks say we are going to drive another 13 hours to Manitoba on the 23rd. WOOOO.

It turned out to be quite a nice drive, but after the five hour flight to Sydney, 14 to LAX, 2.5 to Vancouver and 1.5 to Calgary, I’m a little travelled out.

The only thing that kept me entertained was looking for the big things along the side of the road. I’ll post a pic as soon as I can, but lets just say that the big moose statue in Moosejaw Saskatchewan is 2/3 anatomically correct.

Meandering Back to the Fold

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So, I made it to Sydney. The trip was lovely (got to watch the new Wallace and Gromit movie, as well as the penguins from Madagascar’s Christmas movie). I took a taxi downtown – I’m sure the dude flossed me for about an extra $15.00. I’m in the Ibis Hotel, which I’m sure is short for “SHITE”. Not that I’m a big hotel snob or nothing, but when I pay for a hotel room, I’d like to have a bathtub. No bathtub here! Bastards.

So, tomorrow sight seeing, Monday the plane ride from h-e-double hockey sticks. And yes, hockey to me means ICE HOCKEY (I don’t know how many times I had to clarify that I wasn’t talking about field hockey). I’m grumpy right now because there is also no room service, so I wasn’t able to get the rice and veggies like I wanted, I instead had to wander into Chinatown and procure food after spending 4 hours on a plane. Pooh.

So, meander meander. I’m going to blog the heck out of my Oz trip very shortly, but not at this point. I must upload photos first.

Weather & Race Riots

Okay, so I’ve been in Western Australia for a month now. THere have been about three days of nice (ie over 30 degrees) weather. THe last few days its been so cold, that Los Angeles, which is IN winter right now, was warmer.

I leave today – what is the weather? At 9am, its sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and already 22 degrees. ALREADY warmer than it was for pretty much my whole trip.

SO no biggy I think, I’ll just catch some rays in Sydney.


Thunderstorms. And even if there were no thunderstorms, I can’t go to a beach because of some police order with the whole race riot thing. No one is allowed on a beach.

This, really, is beyond hilarious…

Another Day, Another Flight

So, in the next five days I will be on four different flights. Total flying time of about 26 hours.

And its a strange feeling again – I’m excited to be going home, for sure, but I’m also very hesitant. I hate Christmas at the best of times, and I think when I finally get to Calgary I’m going to crash mentally.

Thank god for tequila.

Happy Birthday to… ME!

Yup, I’ll do it. I’ll write my own LJ entry celebrating my own birthday.

I’m 29 today. I’m pretty happy about it, because, frankly, I had a kickass year this year. Went travelling, found out a reason for stomach illnesses, and have met some wonderful people.

And, in case anyone is looking for something else to celebrate today – try

Ook ook indeed.

Weird Spam Again

I got this as a message, but the link embedded in the message was to a cheap meds site.

Flay a wolf alive and wrap his skin yet warm around you. The
Wolf was at once taken and flayed; whereon the Fox, turning to
him, said with a smile, You should have moved your master not to
ill, but to good, will.
The Dogs House

IN THE WINTERTIME, a Dog curled up in as small a space as
possible on account of the cold, determined to make himself a
house. However when the summer returned again, he lay asleep
stretched at his full length and appeared to himself to be of a
great size. Now he considered that it would be neither an easy
nor a necessary work to make himself such a house as would
accommodate him.
The Wolf and the Lion

I know I’m supposed to be positive, but…….

THE WEATHER HERE STINKS! Its supposed to be summer, and it isn’t. It has three days to get nice for my birthday, because its International Monkey Day, and you cannot have International Monkey Day INSIDE!

whinge whinge.

So what does one do when it is raining? Drive south, stay in a Meditterannean beach house, find an 8″ (diameter) tarantula on the wall, visit wineries, chocolateries, and walk 300 stairs down into a drippy stalagmite-infested cave. WOOOO.

Tomorrow, I will dine with the sharks. Or at least beside them.

Lots of Red Earth

Well, back now in Perth for all of about 10 hours… Went up the West Coast to Kalbarri National Park, then to the Gorges, then to Monkey Mia to see some dolphins and have a cruise around the bay, then Shell Beach, then to see some Stromatalites, then to a farmstay, then to sandboarding. Then back to Perth. It was lovely weather, and only started raining after we had lunch on day four. 2100 km in four days we drove.

And there were so many Germans on the bus that it was strange to board a regular city bus after my trip and be able to clearly understand everyone around me. However, I do know enough German that I could freak out the other passengers every once in a while by laughing at their “in-jokes” or responding to questions in English. I can understand German, I just can’t speak it. I think they thought I was holding out on them.