Lots of Red Earth

Well, back now in Perth for all of about 10 hours… Went up the West Coast to Kalbarri National Park, then to the Gorges, then to Monkey Mia to see some dolphins and have a cruise around the bay, then Shell Beach, then to see some Stromatalites, then to a farmstay, then to sandboarding. Then back to Perth. It was lovely weather, and only started raining after we had lunch on day four. 2100 km in four days we drove.

And there were so many Germans on the bus that it was strange to board a regular city bus after my trip and be able to clearly understand everyone around me. However, I do know enough German that I could freak out the other passengers every once in a while by laughing at their “in-jokes” or responding to questions in English. I can understand German, I just can’t speak it. I think they thought I was holding out on them.


11 thoughts on “Lots of Red Earth

    • Well, I attempted something that looked like sandboarding, but I was too chicken to wax the board enough to get it going fast. But the others seemed to do well – our fearless leader (tour operator) took the highest peak, then finished off by lighting a cigarette. Lovely.. 🙂

      • that’s ok, i don’t even like to go too fast on the snow, i’m a chicken, too. sandboarding looks like such an adventure — i’m glad you got to give it a try, even a slow one 🙂

    • Ah, I’ve found that a lot of places I go seem to look a lot like the North Island, so I would say you aren’t missing a heap. But then, it is a little warmer here right now and the red sand is beautiful 🙂

    • Ahh, I would say a sandboard is not a sibling, maybe a distant cousin. More like a skateboard.

      And PUH-LEASE. You would have been the first person down the dune if you were there.

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