I know I’m supposed to be positive, but…….

THE WEATHER HERE STINKS! Its supposed to be summer, and it isn’t. It has three days to get nice for my birthday, because its International Monkey Day, and you cannot have International Monkey Day INSIDE!

whinge whinge.

So what does one do when it is raining? Drive south, stay in a Meditterannean beach house, find an 8″ (diameter) tarantula on the wall, visit wineries, chocolateries, and walk 300 stairs down into a drippy stalagmite-infested cave. WOOOO.

Tomorrow, I will dine with the sharks. Or at least beside them.


8 thoughts on “I know I’m supposed to be positive, but…….

  1. When it’s raining I leave the windows open and watch it. Sometimes that brings trouble, though. A couple of times I’ve had an upright-walking, talking cat come in with his things 1 and 2 and they both start trashing the place. Stupid nip-addicted cats!

    • Ya, it was in my bedroom. I woke up and saw it on the wall. And the great thing was that my door was closed, as were my windows – meaning it was just hanging out with me ALL NIGHT. I love spiders, but this one definitely made me turn all girly.

  2. I’m in Perth at the mo. “Supposedly” the average temperature for the start of summer is 29.5 degrees. But this year, the average is 23 degrees, and it is the coldest start to summer in 40-odd years.

    I’m off to Sydney in a week and HOPING that it will be a bit of a change. 🙂

  3. And of course, if by “bit of a change” I mean “race riots” then I’m sure there will be at least something to talk about… (I mean really, what on EARTH is going on there??!?!)

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