Happy Birthday to… ME!

Yup, I’ll do it. I’ll write my own LJ entry celebrating my own birthday.

I’m 29 today. I’m pretty happy about it, because, frankly, I had a kickass year this year. Went travelling, found out a reason for stomach illnesses, and have met some wonderful people.

And, in case anyone is looking for something else to celebrate today – try


Ook ook indeed.


23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to… ME!

  1. Awesome! I think people who celebrate their own birthday are extremely cool. After all, you are you and should therefore be the first to congratulate yourself on another year put to brilliant use.

    Many, many happy returns!


    PS. I thought you were like 20. I don’t know why I thought this.

    • //PS. I thought you were like 20. I don’t know why I thought this//

      I got carded buying booze a few months ago. The drinking age in NZ was 18. So, I don’t think you are the only one who thinks I may be younger. I act like an absolute idiot, so I guess that knocks off a few years here and there. πŸ™‚

    • Yerp. I’m a very immature 29. I did the whole settling down when I was younger (ie 19) and then a few years ago I gave up on that. I went through my mid-life crisis early.

      • Neat!

        I’m the youngest of our weird and sprawling little crew, and I’m turning 25 in January.

        I think because of the ‘Taking undergrad film papers’ thing I would you down a few years from that. That’s a habit of mine generally, though.

        How’s Things [TM]?

        Also, when you get an opportunity I think you’ll like a downloadable show called Tripping the Rift. I think you saw a short pilot for the show involving Darth Bobo the Dark Clown.

        There’s a whole series of half-hour episodes based on similar madness.

      • YOU’RE ONLY 24?

        I would have thought you were a 30 something.

        Things are good – B-day was good.. I got Billy Connolly’s World Tour of Oz on DVD, and the first series of Kath & Kim on DVD as well. We had Vietnamese food and poppyseed cake. I guess it was a theme night… πŸ™‚

      • Woah, really?

        The mind boggles. For some reason I never expect people to see me as older. Ah well.

        Huzzah for birthday stuff! Mr. Connolly is grand.

        How’d you do with your film papers, now that they’re over enough for you not to be worried about them? (Presumably)

      • Well, I skinned by on a couple of them – with B’s. I should have done better, but I’m okay with how I did considering I was doubled over in pain for a lot of my semester. The theory and gothic came out at a B+, and the Femme Fatale I got an A-, with comments on my main paper that if I were able to write a bit clearer, I would have gotten a lot higher of a grade. So, overall, not my highest marks, but I’m not entirely disappointed. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! I will endeavour to make it a true “Burp” day, by consuming wayyy too much Vietnamese Food, followed by a Litre or two of Coke. Which would segue nicely to Ely’s “Barfday”. πŸ˜›

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