Meandering Back to the Fold

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So, I made it to Sydney. The trip was lovely (got to watch the new Wallace and Gromit movie, as well as the penguins from Madagascar’s Christmas movie). I took a taxi downtown – I’m sure the dude flossed me for about an extra $15.00. I’m in the Ibis Hotel, which I’m sure is short for “SHITE”. Not that I’m a big hotel snob or nothing, but when I pay for a hotel room, I’d like to have a bathtub. No bathtub here! Bastards.

So, tomorrow sight seeing, Monday the plane ride from h-e-double hockey sticks. And yes, hockey to me means ICE HOCKEY (I don’t know how many times I had to clarify that I wasn’t talking about field hockey). I’m grumpy right now because there is also no room service, so I wasn’t able to get the rice and veggies like I wanted, I instead had to wander into Chinatown and procure food after spending 4 hours on a plane. Pooh.

So, meander meander. I’m going to blog the heck out of my Oz trip very shortly, but not at this point. I must upload photos first.


2 thoughts on “Meandering Back to the Fold

  1. Well Liz that is about right for the cab fair but I have to ask why you didn’t get a shuttle bus they are only half the price. Also yes you are a bit of a hotel snob. Expecting a bath tub when most hotels now don’t supplky them for fear of injury to people or some crap like that.Hope you enjoy the flight home.Todd

  2. Ya, I was in “survival mode” at that point – I wanted to get out of the airport and my relatives told me that the cab would only be about $25.00 – so I figured that would be fine. So, ya. I think it is a thing with girls and bathtubs – I missed having a bath (although yes, I regularly had showers :-P) and was looking forward to one. But even worse, the beds were HORRID. Very lumpy and uncomfortable, and I’ve slept in many a hostel bed that were nothing special – but these beds were probably the worst I’ve encountered. On that note, I’m in North America now, having narrowly avoided freezing rain, and grandmother guilt-trips. 🙂Happy Holidays!

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