Back from NYC

Back from the whirlwind tour of NYC – we had a great accommodation, not so bad weather, and saw quite a bit in our three days there.

Sights: Walked probably 1000 blocks at least in our three days there – I have the blood blister of the century on my foot to prove it. We saw the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Grand Central Station, Central Park, The Museum of Modern Art, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Staten Island Ferry, Times Square, Soho, Chinatown, Nolita, Midtown, Upper West Side, Chelsea, Financial District and Jamaica (Whoever says the subway is difficult to navigate is challenged). We saw John Waters’ movie Hairspray that was made into a play, and we stopped by the Upright Citizens’ Brigade Theatre for a standup evening called WWWIII, Arabs versus Jews, where the comedians were – you guessed it! – either Arab or Jewish. It was pretty good for a $5, and the theatre was empty because it was pissing rain outside.

Food: We ate Vietnamese and Thai food in Chinatown, Gelato in Little Italy, Southern BBQ in Times Square, Korean BBQ in Little Korea, some amazing Steak Burgers at a place close to our hotel, and pizza at a cheap pizza slice vendor.

Highlights: Getting to hang out with my friend Becca from Boston; great food; great people in NYC; now motivated to move to NYC at some point (although it had always been a dream to live there, I can now see myself there and assimilating pretty easily). Awesome hotel that was more like a HUGE apartment (with a full kitchen). Also, a plane fly did not fly into our hotel.

Lowlights – not getting to hang out with various other folks in NYC, or my friend Nao who was supposed to be in town from Chicago. Also another lowlight – not being able to really enjoy some good Italia pasta, pizza – my gluten-free diet wasn’t too difficult to find a restaurant for, but there are just some times that I wanted to say to heck with it. But I know that I feel better when I pay attention to my diet, so I was good :-).