Cultural Overload!

Well, this long weekend was a weekend of culture! Finally!

(although to be honest it shouldn’t be, because I have much much studying to do!)…

So Friday night was a non-evening, I came home and was asleep by 10:30pm.

But Saturday! Christine and I went to see Vertigo Theatre’s production of “Sheer Madness”, a murder mystery play where the audience participates in attempting to find the killer. The story takes place in a hair salon, and the suspects are a flamboyantly gay male hair dresser, a wealthy high-society woman, another female hairdresser and a business man. Of course the action was tailored to Calgary, so it referenced, and made fun of, a few local haunts/ personalities. My favourite joke of the evening was when the male hairdresser was describing his haircutting scissors – a pair of 3″ trimming shears, a pair of 4″ scissors and his thinning shears which were like Stephen Harper (why?), “because they were dull and pointless”. The one actor who was the male hairdresser kept cracking the cast up, which made it like watching an old Carol Burnett show with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway. Very enjoyable! Supposedly it runs until June the 9th. It was well worth it – I haven’t laughed that much in a while. Continue reading