I love bad movies – this is probably the worst movie ever made. Or for sure in the top 10. Frankenhooker —> (trailer is pretty safe)



So lucky to have been able to watch all of the fireworks from Globalfest from my balcony! The lower ‘works were a bit blocked from trees, but the higher ones were gorgeous. I think I’ll start a petition to have fireworks there at least every other week…Fireworks – Across the Street

Benny Goodman and His Orchestra / Jack Teagarden – Texas Tea Party

So, in my lack of sleep state, I decided to make some tea and listen to some music. I’m on a bit of a discovery mission, to listen to the music that I never listen to – probably 90% of my music collection that has been ripped to my computer.

So, I pulled all of the songs, threw them into a playlist, hit random and picked the 11th song. And what came up? Texas Tea Time by Benny Goodman Orchestra. Hilarious after all of the hub-bub in DC, texas tea time doesn’t mean a racist evangelical protest, it is actually a song about someone who is pissed that their missus hid their pot tea. *sigh*

Wait for the Onslaught

I’m beginning to migrate my records home. Finally. Again, for the last time. In this box that I’ve brought home tonight, I have my “Howdy Doody Tells the History of the World” where HD warns kids about the communists, I have Sesame Street’s “Let Your Feelings Show” and many many other awesomely horrible records. I’m hoping to have some great cover art photos and some tracks recorded so I can share their horribleness with you.

But for now, it looks like fireworks are over. Man is that duck going to be mad tonight.

Top 10 tips to make a useless top ten list

1. Find information already on the internet, and post it like you came up with it yourself.

2. Put things that used to be called “common sense” into a list form.

3. Bold headings so it looks like what you are about to impart is very very important.

4. CAPSLOCK comes in handy also re: imparting importance.

5. Be vague enough to sound smart, but not so detailed that someone can call you on your stupid shit.

6. Figure out a way to say the same thing twice or three times on your list.

7. Determine pathways to explain items two or three ways on your list.

8. Dumb it down…..No, further. After your capslocked/ bolded heading, make sure you explain your heading in small small words. One syllable words preferred.

9. Glam it up! Sparkles, photos of kitties, rainbows and sunflowers. Distracts from the utter waste of time that is your top ten list.

10. Tweet the shit. Tweet the shit out of that motherfucker.