Top 10 tips to make a useless top ten list

1. Find information already on the internet, and post it like you came up with it yourself.

2. Put things that used to be called “common sense” into a list form.

3. Bold headings so it looks like what you are about to impart is very very important.

4. CAPSLOCK comes in handy also re: imparting importance.

5. Be vague enough to sound smart, but not so detailed that someone can call you on your stupid shit.

6. Figure out a way to say the same thing twice or three times on your list.

7. Determine pathways to explain items two or three ways on your list.

8. Dumb it down…..No, further. After your capslocked/ bolded heading, make sure you explain your heading in small small words. One syllable words preferred.

9. Glam it up! Sparkles, photos of kitties, rainbows and sunflowers. Distracts from the utter waste of time that is your top ten list.

10. Tweet the shit. Tweet the shit out of that motherfucker.


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