A New Feature: People I Like –> Ugly Baby Shower Art +

This is a new feature – people I like. I like a lot of people, but for this installment, I will focus on a very very crazy person that lives in Washington State and goes by many names. Some call her Bubba. Some call her mmmmmmmmmmonkeyspud. Others call her “Ugly Baby”, or perhaps, “Barter Sauce” or some, more boring people, call her Rosalie.

Dear Rosalie is a crafter and a conservator of the strange. She likes to put things in plastic that really shouldn’t be captured together. Her Shower Art pieces remind me of what happens to poor insects in sap over thousands of years – her pieces are like the Amber of art for the shower world. I’ve exposed many of my friends/ enemies/ others to her work, and usually it illicits a fairly positive response. Nothing like being told to “buy milk whore” by a small piece of art on your mirror, or “Pick up the towel or I’ll bite your face off” by a cut-out leopard stuck to your shower door.


How Can you argue with Jerk It? Really? How Can you? Try.

Rosalie also runs an art ‘system’ of recycling the strangest pieces of art that can be found – the deal is that you send a piece in, you get one traded back. I guess if you wanted to, you could send that back when you were bored, and then perhaps get something else. Honestly, it confuses me a bit, but not in a bad way. The whole grouping of the weirdest pieces are off to Sacramento for an installation, where Rosalie is also hoping for a bit of help $$ wise through Kickstarter: http://bit.ly/cAi2g2.

When I didn’t interview Rosalie, I asked her how she started. She didn’t answer. Instead I was pointed towards her blog, and I was able to answer some of my own questions. Her blog is here, and you can find links to her etsy site, and a few other sites as well —> http://ilikepretty.blogspot.com/

So Rosalie. Someone I like. She’s very strange, and, somewhat like Lady Tar Tar in a meat dress, she stands out. In a good way? I guess that remains to be seen?


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