Dangerous Photography

For some reason, this picture of my last trip up to Banff has more views than any other. I guess… because its a little off kilter? This was another in my series of “dangerous pictures” ie, those taken while driving… for the most part, most of those photos are rubbish, but I still think it is interesting the type of photos you can get when traveling at 130km/ hr and not looking where you are shooting.


Today Was a Lovely Day

I decided today I’d take a small drive to Canmore for something to do – and to somewhat appreciate the unfall-like weather we’ve been having. It was almost warm enough that I could crack out my summer dresses that I got for – what – summer? But not quite. I still dressed up tho – tights/ heels/ skirt. It’s a new side of me – this whole dressing up/ wearing decent clothes, etc.

So the last couple of days, my car has had a funk to it. Not a cool, “Parliament” type funk, but a smell. Kind of like old rabbit.

So last night I cleaned it out – and this morning – still stinky. I couldn’t figure it out. So I just ignored it.

I drove up to Canmore- lovely drive, not too much traffic, and I found myself on the main drag in a rocks and crystals store. Actually – you may not know that I took a level 1 Reiki class last weekend, and it was amazing. The leader of the course was brilliant and had a sense of humour, which I adore. I’d like to do more with that part of my life – but I’m not putting too much pressure on it right now. So, this rock and crystal shop was great – I found a few things I was looking for (and a few I wasn’t!), went and bought a green tea latte, and then drove home to Calgary. I decided I needed some food from Amaranth (local ‘health food’ store, sells lots of gluten-free stuff).

So, it was getting a bit cold, so I tried to turn on the heat.

My car pulled a Linda Blair. It started spewing green liquid from the heater.

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