Today Was a Lovely Day

I decided today I’d take a small drive to Canmore for something to do – and to somewhat appreciate the unfall-like weather we’ve been having. It was almost warm enough that I could crack out my summer dresses that I got for – what – summer? But not quite. I still dressed up tho – tights/ heels/ skirt. It’s a new side of me – this whole dressing up/ wearing decent clothes, etc.

So the last couple of days, my car has had a funk to it. Not a cool, “Parliament” type funk, but a smell. Kind of like old rabbit.

So last night I cleaned it out – and this morning – still stinky. I couldn’t figure it out. So I just ignored it.

I drove up to Canmore- lovely drive, not too much traffic, and I found myself on the main drag in a rocks and crystals store. Actually – you may not know that I took a level 1 Reiki class last weekend, and it was amazing. The leader of the course was brilliant and had a sense of humour, which I adore. I’d like to do more with that part of my life – but I’m not putting too much pressure on it right now. So, this rock and crystal shop was great – I found a few things I was looking for (and a few I wasn’t!), went and bought a green tea latte, and then drove home to Calgary. I decided I needed some food from Amaranth (local ‘health food’ store, sells lots of gluten-free stuff).

So, it was getting a bit cold, so I tried to turn on the heat.

My car pulled a Linda Blair. It started spewing green liquid from the heater.

Fogged up my windshield immediately.Blinded. Had to pull over.

So, here’s me, with my lovely heels and skirt, trying to figure out why my car was possessed. Look into the coolant reservoir – none in there. Hmm – that can’t be good. But nothing looked ‘broken’ so, I just tied everything back together and drove to get food.

Bought water – put some in the reservoir. Repeated step that fogged up windows… now steam poured onto the inside of the windshield, and water also dripped out of dashboard.

But I figured – I had gone over 500km with whatever pain in the arse problem it was – it could go for another few kms until I got home. So, apart from the random drop of green toxic sludge coming from my car (and landing on my nice shoes, thanks but no thanks), the car made it. So did I. So did my newly acquired crystals, and my food.

In conversation with my father – who is in Manitoba right now – he thinks it might be a leaky heater. Or something. His suggestion, a $10 fix.

(crosses fingers that it is the fix)

But a beautiful day – apart from the possessed car, and the stinky drive (which actually now makes sense – the radiator was trying to get my attention), the day was great. I ate pineapple, listened to Christine Fellows, and came up with at least 12 ways to take over the world with beauty. (no really, just you wait!!!)


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