I call Bull Shit. On Spirituality.

So at what point did someone else become the master of my physical AND spiritual realm? At what point did I give up the authority in my own life – that I know best – to some new age douchebag wearing a mandarin-collared indian-bought gown and a pair of rayban sunglasses? At what point did *that* become a goal for spirituality? Not only am “I” not represented with that group of leaders but me as a fat, educated, lower to middle income class earner I am *definitely* not represented by those that claim to know what is best for my spiritual morale. At what point did I allow myself to feel less than worthy because I’m not the happy glowing being of sunhood and rainbowdom and I don’t want to add unicorn stickers to all the telephone polls?

Let me save the trouble of spending $1000’s of dollars on spiritual products, books and b.s. This is a summary of every new age hippy dippy b.s. spiritual book ever.

Summary of Every New Age Spiritual Book Written Ever. 

1) Every answer is within you. Period. Everything. Quiet the mind long enough you’ll get what you need. (Sometimes ppl need to quiet the mind with meditation some with exercise – do what works). Write stuff down to process if you need to. You don’t need to spend money, you don’t need to buy things. You need to turn everything in your house off and sit quiet or go for a walk in the woods and literally hug a tree. Anything – but you *don’t* need to buy the latest book from Louis Wayne Deepak Chopra Dyer Geils.

2) Every being on the planet is a physical manifestation of pure spirit – if you want to call that God, or Source or whatever. We are here to experience emotions, connections and creation of many things. To revel in the beauty that is – and to experience the sadness over things that aren’t, or over people or places or ideas that have passed. You don’t have to thank it for being here, but being grateful helps no matter what.

3) How you rectify #1 with #2 is your own business. If you smoke and eat red meat until you die of old age at 103, or if you take care of your body, eat vegan and die from falling into a pit at the age of 25, then that is what you have. Health, life, spirit, and purpose are *not* guaranteed. No one has a handbook for your life, except you – and even then you’ll only know what to do better after having effed it up the first time.

4) Do what makes you happy. Sometimes making yourself happy means making someone else happy. So be it. You’ll feel grumpier if you *don’t* make yourself happy first, so if you like to play music, run, yell at the moon, draw, be a Dominatrix, or work at a gas station, just do it. If you need permission – there you’ve got it.

5) If you need to let go of stuff, there are exercises to do that. Find some on the web for free and do them. If you are having troubles with ‘things’ give them all away to charity. Start over. Start new.

So there it is. Free. The secret to life.

You say, “I’m not really sure what I’m looking for right now – I don’t know the words or actions or ideas to think about.”. Then sure, take a course, but know that the people that are teaching these courses aren’t usually the spiritual healers and experts – they are just interpreters of others’ ideas and material. Those others probably didn’t sell their material in the first place. I wonder if people just like to buy these books and cards and tchotchkes from all of these people, because it absolves them from the responsibility to have to deal with the consequences of their own actions, based on their own clear decisions.

SO I’d like to take a course, how can I tell if this person is a Fraud? 

  • If someone says that they understand and/or have some insight for you that you can’t find yourself, they are a fraud (TAAF)
  • If someone wants you to ‘subscribe to their website’ or take their course, but isn’t able to readily have it available for free or low cost, or they aren’t willingly able to recommend their colleagues work, TAAF
  • If you do buy their book, and it seems to swiftly fly over one topic and not engage in the substance of the spiritual argument – they are trying to sell you the next book and – TAAF
  • If a person has their own logo, business cards, or website promoting themselves as a “healer”, a “shaman” or as somehow connected to a spiritual realm – TAAF.
  • If a spiritual leader knows more about brand building than self-development – TAAF
  • If a healer says you are doing something wrong in your process or your life, in order to make you feel guilty for what and how you are doing things – TAAF
  • If, when you go to talk to someone, they aren’t comfortable with you asking questions, they aren’t listening to you as you explain your processes, or they keep using ‘key’ words (spiritual buzzwords), they might be trying to sell you something and therefore TAAF.

Of course, this is all a work in development, and more is available from my online website “Courses for the Spiritual Awakening of your Yoni-ness and Rainbowhood” by Lizz, where I will go into the chakra building exercises, book payment plan, mandala drawing course in the desert of Arizona and the availability of myself to talk to your group at an extra reduced rate depending on your locale. Oh, I also sell dreamcatchers that were actually made by underage workers in Indonesia, I sell pictures of myself on keychains with awesome sayings so you can really ground yourself to the atunement of your chakras, and develop more of a spiritual cord with the outcomes of pure spiritual beingness.


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